Madurai Kitchen Chicken Salna

Chicken Salna

Chicken SalnaPrep time: 30 mins Cook time: 30 mins Total time: 60 minsChicken SalnaSummaryChicken Salna


  • Chicken – 150g
  • Onion – 1No.
  • Tomato – 1 No.
  • Kulambu Masala Powder – 2tsp
  • Cashew nut – 7pcs
  • Coconut – As per requirement
  • Khus khus – ½tsp
  • Aniseed – ½tsp
  • Ginger Garlic Paste – 1tsp
  • Cardamom -1pc
  • Cinnamon Leaf – As per requirement
  • Annachi poo – As per requirement
  • Lavangam – As per requirement
  • Clove – As per requirement
  • Mint leaves – As per requirement
  • Salt – As per requirement

  1. Watch Video on How to prepare Chicken Salna:
  2. First slit the onions in large size. Cut tomatoes & chicken also.
  3. Saute & keep aside with all sauting items. Finely grind the grated coconut, cashews and poppy seeds.
  4. Chicken Salna Preparation:
  5. In a cooker pour some oil & saute with chinnamon, bayleaf, clove, cardamom. Then put the mustard seed & wait until it gets cracked.
  6. Then add onions & fry until it gets golden brown colour.
  7. With that add mint leaves, chopped tomatoes & allow it to fry well, after that add ginger garlic paste & fry.
  8. Then, after few seconds add the washed , cleaned & chopped chicken to it & mix well.
  9. In that add all masala powder & gently mix it. Add salt as per the requirement & mix well.
  10. Pour the cashew, coconut, poppy seed paste to the above & mix well.
  11. If needed add little amount of water and cook until 2 or 3 whistle comes.Wait until the pressure gets decreased. Remove the whistle & open it.
  12. Mix with spatula and garnish with mint leaves & coriander leaves.
  13. Remove from the flame & serve it by transferring it in a serving bowl.
  14. Now hot chicken salna is ready to serve & can have with chappathi, parotta or biryani. It is nice to eat.


Serving size: 1 cup
Calories per serving: 190
Fat per serving: 18g

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