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Odor Free Fish Cooking


Odor Free Fish Cooking


Interested in Eating Fish Fry & Fish Curry, But hesitant to cook fish at home, as the odor last long for the whole day at home and the surrounding too.


Even though, nowadays, fish are cleaned and cut by the Fish sellers itself, that is we get cleaned Fish at the time of purchase itself. even, if we buy fish online too we cannot avoid the fish odor on the day its been cooked at home.


Here is the Simple Method to avoid the odor at home, when we cook fish. No chemicals. Just one scoop of Idli Batter is enough, to avoid the odor.


Yes, apply one scoop of idli batter on the cleaned fish pieces evenly and keep it for 10 minutes.


Then clean the fish pieces with fresh water and start cooking it.


Odor is avoided, unnecessary chemicals avoided, taste of the fish remains same.


Odor free fish cooking is done.


Try it. Watch the video (Tamil)